Morco Primo 6L LPG Caravan Water Heater

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Recommended Cylinders:
Propane 19kg

Propane 19kg

Propane 11kg

Propane 11kg


The new Morco Primo 6 Litre gas water heater is a direct replacement for the D61B and D61E. The flue diameter is the same, so if you are replacing a D61 you can use the existing flue.

The MPFK fitting/conversion kit will be required in order to fit the water heater in all circumstances.


Morco Primo 6L LPG Caravan Water Heater Specification

Installation Internal wall mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) 550mm x 256mm x 245mm
Weight 8kg
Exhaust system Open flued
Ignition method Piezo
Gas consumption - Propane 0.93kg/hr
Hot water delivery capacity 6 ltr/min (Max) at a 25°C rise
Water pressure 0.2 - 10bar
Flue Type Vertical 90mm diameter (not included)
Connections Water - 1/2" Bspm, Gas - 1/2" Bspm
Gas Type/Pressure Propane 37mbar or Butane 28-30mbar


Key Features

Morco Primo 6L LPG Caravan Water Heater Features

  • Piezo ignition
  • Temperature control