Campingaz IR5000 Radiant Portable Gas Heater

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The Campingaz IR5000 Radiant Portable Gas Heater is an infrared heater that predominantly uses radiation; very hot heating panels generating a very powerful heat radiation.

Infrared heaters can be easily recognised by the fine-pored ceramic plates that turn to an intense red color when glowing.

The heat is generated by a gas burner that burns the gas oxygen mix inside the ceramic plates at a temperature of around 900°C.

Campingaz IR5000 Radiant Portable Gas Heater's heat is perceived stronger and more direct, particularly when you are positioned in front of the heater.

On top of that, it is easily recognisable if an Infrared Heater is switched on as the heat is visible to the human eye thanks to the red, glowing ceramic panels.

€10/£10 Calor Gas Voucher for every portable gas heater purchased.

Campingaz IR5000 Radiant Portable Gas Heater Specification

Product code IR5000
Manufacturer Campingaz
Colour Black
Recommended cylinder Calor butane15kg (England, Scotland & Wales), Calor butane 11.34kg (Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland)
Burner type Infra-red radiant
Heat output 4.1kW
Burn time (15kg cylinder, approx) 137 hours
Number of heat settings 3
Ignition Yes, (Piezo)
Flame failure device Yes
Oxygen depletion system Yes
Dimensions H 800mm x W 450mm x D 350mm
Wheels Yes
Guarantee 1 Year
Weight 13kg
Accessories included Hose and regulator
Minimum room size requirements 82 cubic metres for living rooms / 41 cubic meters for other rooms with a minimum ventilation of 103 cm squared area

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