Gralux 10L LPG Low NOx Gas Water Heater & Flue Kit

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Do I need a flue with my water heater?
Recommended Cylinders (not included):


47 kg



19 kg


Introducing the Gralux 10 Litre Low NOx Gas Water Heater, the epitome of thermal efficiency and user-friendly technology. Designed to seamlessly integrate with solar panel systems, this water heater represents a leap forward in eco-friendly home solutions, ensuring you get hot water whenever you need it, without taxing the environment.

The Gralux 10 Litre Low NOx Gas Water Heaters are ideal for use in most types of static caravan. They are compact and offer a wide range of hot water temperatures and power efficiencies.

Manufactered in the EU.

In the Box:

  • Gralux 10 Litre Low NOx Gas Water Heater
  • Flue Kit - Includes storm collar, flue pipe and gas vent terminal.
  • User Manual

Gralux 10L LPG Low NOx Gas Water Heater & Flue Kit Specification

ErP Class A
Gas Type LPG
Dimensions (H x W x D) 630 x 315 x 225 mm
Water Connections 1/2" Bsp
Sound Power Level 66 dB
Low NOx max 52 mg/kWh
Heat Capacity Max 20.9 kW | Min 14 kW
Performance at max power 89%
Gas Supply Pressure 37 mbar
Output Power Min 10 kW | Max 18 kW
Operating Pressure Min 0.2 bar | Max 12 bar
Empty Weight 9.5 kg
Max water flow rate 10 L/min Delta 25 degrees
Power supply Battery
Max Temperature 60º C
Warranty 1 Year



Gralux 10L LPG Low NOx Gas Water Heater & Flue Kit Features

  • Low NOx Emissions: The FQ10MNOX 10L Water Heater is designed with the environment in mind, featuring advanced low NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emission technology. This ensures cleaner combustion, significantly reducing harmful emissions and contributing to a greener planet. With the FQ10MNOX, you can enjoy the comfort of continuous hot water while supporting environmental sustainability.

  • Thermostatic Modulation: Experience precise control over your water heating, thanks to the advanced thermostatic modulation. This feature allows the Gralux to automatically adjust the combustion process, ensuring a consistent hot water temperature and superior comfort.

  • Solar Compatibility: Engineered to work in harmony with solar panels, the Gralux 10 Litre Gas Water Heater enhances your home's energy efficiency, tapping into renewable energy sources to minimize your carbon footprint while ensuring a steady supply of hot water.

  • 100% Copper Combustion Chamber: Durability meets performance in the combustion chamber's all-copper construction, providing exceptional heat transfer and resistance to corrosion for a long-lasting, reliable heating solution.

  • Electronic Temperature Regulation: Tailor your hot water experience with electronic regulation, allowing for precise temperature adjustments. Set your desired exit temperature between 35 and 60ºC in increments, ensuring every shower or bath is exactly how you like it.

  • Stable Temperature Output: Say goodbye to fluctuations in water temperature. The Gralux's automatic modulation of combustion maintains a stable outlet temperature, giving you consistent hot water flow without the wait.

  • Efficiency Savings: Enjoy significant savings on gas and water consumption. The Gralux is designed to optimize your energy use, providing hot water more efficiently and reducing your utility bills.

  • Digital Display & Error Reporting: A user-friendly digital display keeps you informed of the hot water temperature, making adjustments a breeze. In the rare event of an issue, such as ignition failure or gas shortages, the system provides clear, easy-to-understand error messages, simplifying troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Battery-Powered Electronic Ignition: The FQ10MNOX 10L Water Heater incorporates a convenient battery-powered electronic ignition system, ensuring reliable start-up and operation without the need for an external power source. This feature enhances the heater's efficiency and safety, allowing for easy ignition and consistent performance, even during power outages.


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