Char-Broil Grill+ Rib and Roast Rack

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The Char-Broil GRILL+ Accessory System™ increases your cooking options with accessories that work together to add versatility to your menu.
The GRILL+ Rib and roast rack holds up to six cuts of ribs. The rack can be reversed to roast whole poultry and other large cuts on the grill. The product is made out of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Combine the rack with Char-Broil's GRILL+ Roasting Dish (#140014) to catch the juicy droppings. Alternatively, you can place wood chips in the dish to directly smoke your food.


Char-Broil Grill+ Rib and Roast Rack Specification

Product Code 140017
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 21.1 x 21.3 x 11.1 cm
Product weight 1.48 kg

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